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Seeking Operating and Board Nominations for President...

The Board of Directors of Paws n’Time Canine Rescue, inc. (“PnTCRi”) recently received and accepted the resignation of the current acting President, Heidi Reynolds, effective as of July 15, 2016.  Heidi was a founding member of the non-profit animal rescue and has served PnTCRi since inception of the rescue.  She has stepped down in order to focus on family medical and care needs.  Nominations are now being accepted for the position of President.

This non-profit organization is operated for the benefit of the community and its members.  PnTCRi has a mission of striving to promote the human/animal bond as one that is mutually supportive, responsible, enduring and important to the wellbeing of all family members - owners and pets alike.  Please visit the website or our Facebook page.

Candidates for consideration for the operating and board position as President of Paws n’Time Canine Rescue, inc. should:

  * Resides within Lancaster or York County in Pennsylvania.

  * Minimum three years of active rescue experience with foster, transport and adoption.

  * Familiar with canine behavioral patterns and training needs of shelter dogs.

  * Knowledge of routine veterinarian care and common canine illnesses.

  * Organization, communication and computer skillset.

  * Grant writing and webpage maintenance a plus. 

You may nominate yourself or any individual outside of the rescue within our community that you believe would lead in accordance with the organization’s mission statement.  Any nominee other than yourself will be informed and mailed a “Consent to Nomination” form letter to complete.  Should they accept the nomination, their name and a short bio will be included on the final voting ballot to be delivered to the members of Paws n’Time Canine Rescue, inc. no later than July 31, 2016. All positions on the board and within PnTCRi are held without compensation. 

Please direct all nominations to, or contact the rescue directly at (717) 808-1674.  Nomination information should include first and last name, an email address and phone number with area code.  All nominations should be received prior to June 15th, 2016.


Heidi Reynolds and her son were driving home with a hot, stinky car full of dogs one Saturday a number of years ago. She was helping to transport shelter dogs from the South to Pennsylvania, where rescues were waiting to pick up the dogs and place them in foster homes. Her son looked to her and said, “It’s like we are getting them just in time. You should open a rescue called Paws n’Time.”

Paws n’Time was born from this conversation and Reynolds’ dream. The organization has grown over the years, and its mission – focused strongly on helping pet owners in the community – leads the organization to work hard to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs.

Our Mission Statement

Paws n’Time Canine Rescue is a Pennsylvania non-profit company focused on the rescue and re-homing of dogs. Keeping our focus on our community, we aim to educate and assist current owners with the health and welfare of their animals, enabling them to keep their pets through hard times.  Our rescue financially assists struggling families by providing standard vaccinations and a nutrient-rich, quality food for their animals.

If an owner must surrender their pet, Paws n’Time Canine Rescue offers a network of temporary foster homes to care for the dog until a loving family adopts.  In addition, these services are extended to local strays and dogs housed in high-kill shelters.  

We believe that a large part of reducing the volume of dogs currently located in shelters is prevention.  As such, we promote spaying and neutering of all pets.   Paws n’Time Canine Rescue offers sponsorship to animals for this surgery with the hope of reducing the chance of puppies being born that are unwanted, without proper care or love waiting for them. 

Paws n’Time Canine Rescue strives to promote the human/animal bond as one that is mutually supportive, responsible, enduring and important to the wellbeing of all family members - owners and pets alike.